Sri Lanka the Green Island, visibly apparent, when you come into land at it's airport, is considered one of the worlds Wildest Islands by Discovery Channel and named as one of the best tourist destinations by National Geographic in 2012.

Paradise in all it's splendor boasting a 2,500 year old culture, Lush Rainforests, Mountainous Cloud forest, Vast plains, Massive inland water bodies, Pristine beaches and coastal reefs, manicured plantations in Tea, Rubber, Coconut and Spices, Wildlife on par with the African Continent, from the world's biggest land and sea mammal (the Asian Elephant and the Blue Whale) to an unimaginable variety of Birds (433 species, 250 species resident), Butterflies (244 species), Reptiles (171 species) and Amphibians (110 species which is the highest density in the world), all of it packed into a teardrop shaped island of 62,710 square km, SRI LANKA is a place like no other.

Lalan Leisure was born out of the immense beauty and luxurious environments in which Lalan owned and managed their Plantations in this green tropical island. There was a need to share such unique locations and bring awareness and appreciation for the natural beauty and heritage of the country, resulting in the creation of Lalan Leisure as a vehicle to create, manage and promote such locations and experiences to the world.

As such Lalan Leisure has embarked on a mission of selecting and adopting wonderful unique locations for the enjoyment of the locals and tourists.

The journey begins with the luscious plantations of the country stemming from the central hills to the coastal belt covering Rubber, Tea and Coconut Plantations. Charismatic colonial mansions have been identified and modernized to cater to current whims and fancies, whilst not losing the old world charm and architectural beauty of such structures.

The concept of Le isure for Lalan is to give you an experience unsurpassed, in terms of location, service and memories, with privacy and solitude (be it a couple, or a group of twenty close friends and family) guaranteed.

Suriyakanda, Agrapatana, Gammaduwa, Deraniyagala – off the beaten track, and unknown locations to most, Lalan Leisure has beautiful luxurious bungalows for you to explore.

Pidurangala, Kahandamodara, Dehi gaha ela – remote, and unheard of, Lalan Leisure markets some fantastic Eco locations where accommodations blend more with nature.

Out of this world, beach frontiers around the Island are being identified for Lalan Leisure' future excursions.

future excursions.

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