Our Story

A Sri Lankan Legacy

Lalan Group

Established in 1940, the Lalan Group is among the largest diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka with over 30 subsidiaries engaged in plantations, manufacturing, logistics, printing and packaging, engineering services and hospitality. With its roots in the plantation sector and over 22,000 acres of plantation land, the group’s unique vertical integration enables efficient control of its entire supply chain in its plantation and production sectors. Lalan’s rubber manufacturing operations produce the finest quality latex and rubber value-added products. The company works closely with rubber smallholders and the Government to develop the rubber industry.

Lalan owns and manages rubber, tea, coconut, cinnamon, cardamom, and stevia plantations. They also manufacture gloves, mattresses, centrifuged latex, tea, briquettes, and biomass chips, whilst being involved in a host of supportive industries such as engineering, printing and packaging, energy and leisure.

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Timeless Experience

Plantation Bungalows

Lalan Leisure has embarked on a mission of selecting and adopting wonderful unique locations for the enjoyment of the locals and tourists.

The journey begins with the luscious plantations of the country stemming from the central hills to the coastal belt covering Rubber, Tea, and Coconut Plantations. Charismatic colonial mansions have been identified and modernized to cater to current whims and fancies, whilst not losing the old world charm and architectural beauty of such structures.

Grand manor houses which were once homes to the colonial conquistadors have been upgraded and modernized leaving their original ambiance to create luxurious Bungalows for you to indulge in. Large bedrooms and massive ensuite baths, swimming pools and expansive manicured gardens, luxurious living spaces with modern facilities and conveniences are all a part of our Bungalows.

Built generations ago on prime locations ensuring views and climes to soothe all one's senses, these Bungalows are true treasures, in which you can now live and experience the charms and grandeur of yesteryear.